Welcome to My Portfolio

Tanvi Babbar a digital designer working across interactive projects in UX, Augmented Reality, Graphic Design and Sound.

UI/UX Design, User Research

Hubhopper Mobile App

The process of designing 'Hubhopper Studio', the creator-side platform to simplify podcast creation on mobile.
UI/UX Design, User Research

Hubhopper Studio Redesign

I worked closely with the engineering team and redesigned the UI/UX for Hubhopper Studio, the creator-facing platform.
UI/UX Design, User Research, Prototyping

Feeljoy - Mental Well-Being App

Feeljoy is a mental well-being platform that aims to enable people to discuss their emotions and issues with a professional anonymously.
UI/UX Design, Wireframing

Audiogram Tool for Hubhopper

A promotional tool for podcasters. It generates a simple animated video from the podcast audio that can used on different social media platforms.