Welcome to My Portfolio

Tanvi Babbar a digital designer working across interactive projects in UX, Augmented Reality, Graphic Design and Sound.

Branding, Logo Design


Designing the look and feel for Flockwork, a vibrant co-working space in New Delhi, India. It enables individuals to network and build their own communities.
Logo Design

Toshiba Payback Calculator

The Toshiba Payback Calculator helps users calculate the amount of money they can save by switching from their current air conditioner to Toshiba Air Conditioners.
Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Renee Beauty Branding

Designing the brand identity, logo and packaging for a makeup brand for people who suffer with skincare issues.
Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration

Overheard in London

People are the window into the soul of the city. In this project, I chose a few conversations I overheard as a tourist in London and tried to visually depict them.