Welcome to My Portfolio

Tanvi Babbar a digital designer working across interactive projects in UX, Augmented Reality, Graphic Design and Sound.

UI/UX Design, User Research

Hubhopper Mobile App

The process of designing 'Hubhopper Studio', the creator-side platform to simplify podcast creation on mobile.
Film, Augmented Reality, Sound

Finding Lost Echoes

An interactive experience consisting of three touch-points for the participants to discover folk music and discover culture.
UI/UX Design, User Research

Hubhopper Studio Redesign

I worked closely with the engineering team and redesigned the UI/UX for Hubhopper Studio, the creator-facing platform.
UI/UX Design, User Research, Prototyping

Feeljoy - Mental Well-Being App

Feeljoy is a mental well-being platform that aims to enable people to discuss their emotions and issues with a professional anonymously.
Branding, Logo Design


Designing the look and feel for Flockwork, a vibrant co-working space in New Delhi, India. It enables individuals to network and build their own communities.
Logo Design

Toshiba Payback Calculator

The Toshiba Payback Calculator helps users calculate the amount of money they can save by switching from their current air conditioner to Toshiba Air Conditioners.
Interactive Installation, Projection Mapping, AI

Messages in Motion

An interactive game in the form of an installation emphasizing the impact of new technologies on our understanding of human communication.
UI/UX Design, Wireframing

Audiogram Tool for Hubhopper

A promotional tool for podcasters. It generates a simple animated video from the podcast audio that can used on different social media platforms.
Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Renee Beauty Branding

Designing the brand identity, logo and packaging for a makeup brand for people who suffer with skincare issues.
2D Animation

Mario Save the Date

This animated video aims to tell the story of the couple through a game they grew up playing together. The aim was to create an invite that was personal, yet fun.
Immersive Installation, 3D, Virtual Reality


This immersive installation highlights the idea of the mediation of information and its influence on people and their identities.
Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration

Overheard in London

People are the window into the soul of the city. In this project, I chose a few conversations I overheard as a tourist in London and tried to visually depict them.